Why Your Small Business needs a Technology Audit

A technology audit. IT system review. Business IT heath check.

If you start looking around you will see many names for essentially the same thing. That “thing” is getting a professional to review the Information Technology (IT) that you use to run your business.

Magnifying Glass, Pen and Paper and Calculator.

What is an IT audit or IT review?

At it’s core an IT audit involves hiring a third party to review the technology that is critical for running your business.

Depending on who you hire and how involved the audit is it will typically ask about the following at a minimum:

  • What IT systems you use
  • Who Your technology vendors are
  • How much you are spending on the above
  • Any IT related issues you are experiencing

Also needed are information about your business such as industry, size, growth and your business processes.

A good quality audit however will go beyond just taking stock of this information. The real value is the analysis of your business compared with best practice for a business in your industry.

Who needs it?

All businesses can benefit from a technology audit.

If you feel like you’re spending too much on your IT…
If you don’t understand how all of your technology works together then an audit can help explain it to you.

So does this include tech based businesses?

Yes even technology based businesses can benefit from an external review. Sure you know your technology but you are most likely focused on the tech that you are building not the technology that runs your business. This is especially true for small business as it is very unlikely that you have staff that are aware of trends and changes in all aspects of your businesses technology stack.

When should I do it?

If you have never had one then the answer is…

“Right Now!!”

You should also consider getting a review completed at these critical stages in your business:

  • Start up
    • Getting your technology right at the outset of your business can save you time and money in the long run
  • When business model changes
    • If you have changed or are planning on changing the way you do business then an audit can help you understand what may need to change in your technology.
  • Every 2 Years
    • New technology is released all the time. IT companies are constantly updating their systems. What was the best practice 2 years ago may now be outdated. Your competitors may already have updated and have an advantage over you!

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits of getting a technology audit completed for your small business including:

  • Better utilisation of existing technology
  • Possible cost reduction through identification of duplicated services
  • Help to plan with realistic IT budget projections
  • Can be used for a baseline to creating an in depth IT strategy that aligns with your business strategy.

Why pay for someone to do this?

Strap yourself in – it’s time for an analogy. A car based analogy too!

Most of us know how to drive a car but don’t know how to fix it when something goes wrong. When the car is working well you get to where your going. But when there’s problems it’s possible that you will break down before you make it to your destination. 🙁

To help avoid this possibility you take your car to a mechanic regularly to get serviced. A mechanic is trained in how a car works and they will see many different cars. They have the expertise to diagnose any problems before you even see symptoms.

Car on side of the road on fireLet’s think of driving the car as running your business. When you have the best technology in place and it’s running smoothly then your business will be way more likely to get to your destination!

That’s why you get an IT audit done by an expert to let you know if you are giving yourself the best chances of reaching your business goals, or are you likely to breakdown.

Get a high level audit done now

We understand that you are busy so we’ve created an online platform to provide the technology advice you need to run your business.

Get in touch using the form below and we will provide a high level IT review for free for a limited time only! Everything is done online, which means you can do it when it suits you.

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