Part 2 – Setting up your New Email Address in cPanel

This is part 2 in a detailed series of articles about setting up a brand new domain on Australian hosting provider Zuver.  See here for an overview of the whole series.

If you followed along with Part 1 you should now have registered you new domain and setup hosting at Zuver.  Most of the following steps will be valid for any hosting provider that uses cPanel, which is one of the most widely used web based configuration tools for managing your web hosting account!

Step 1

Head over to my.zuver.net.au and log in to your newly created account.

Step 2

You will be shown an overview of your account.  At the menu on the left side click on the “Hosting Services” menu dropdown and select “Manage”.  This will show you a list of the domain names you have registered.  Click on the cPanel button to enter the configuration screens.

Step 3

When you first log in you may get tips about how to manage users like below.  Click on OK to dismiss the tip.

Step 4

The cPanel menu is Huge!  There are so many options here but don’t worry I’ll walk you through the bits we need.  Scroll down until you find the section titled “EMAIL” and select the “Email Accounts” icon.

Step 5

You will be prompted to “Choose a default Webmail Application”.  There are 3 options here.  I recommend using horde, since it has Email, Contacts and Calendar functionality.  It really doesn’t matter which you choose here because you can change it later.  Click on “Set as Default” first and then click on the horde logo.

Step 6

Here is where you configure your new email address.  You can use whatever you like here but typically for a small company I would simply enter your firstname.  The other thing to note here is the “Mailbox Quota”.  This allows you to limit the total size of the mailbox.  Note that on the $3/month account you have 10 GB of disk space.  This includes all the files for your website and any email accounts, etc.  You could select unlimited here but I would recommend setting it to 2000 MB, which is 2 GB.  You can always change this later if you find it isn’t enough.  Click on “Create Account” when you are done.

Step 7

Now you get to log in to your new email account using the webmail program you selected earlier.  To get to your webmail you simply need to enter your new domain name with a /webmail after it.  So for my example domain “mattkuter.com”  I would enter “https://mattkuter.com/webmail”.   This should bring up your webmail login screen.   Enter the email address you and password that you created above.

Step 8

As long as you left the option to “Send a welcome email” selected when you created the account above you should see an email from cPanel that provides the configuration settings required to get your account setup in your mail client or on your mobile device.

Congratulations! You have now setup your own email address.  Take some time to send some test emails and make sure everything is working.

Next up we will go through the steps required to install WordPress.

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