How can an IT Consultant can help your business grow?

How can an IT consultant help your business grow?

What is an IT Consultant?

Let’s start with the obvious bit – what is a consultant? Well here is dictionary.com’s definition of consultant

[ kuh n-suhl-tnt ]
a person who gives professional or expert advice: a consultant on business methods.

So we know that they give advice. But is that all they do? Would you be bit disappointed if you hired a consultant and all they did was give you some advice?

Here’s a few other things that IT consultants can do for you:

  • Diagnosing problems in your business processes and systems
  • Recommending actions to remedy problems
  • Implementing solutions
  • Education about specific processes and systems

You should note that we have emphasised that a consultant is about helping improve business processes. An IT consultant shouldn’t focus on just IT systems but how the systems add value to the business and its processes.

Reasons to hire an IT consultant

So now we know what an IT consultant is capable of doing let’s look at some examples of what work you could hire a consultant to complete.

  • Reviewing your IT systems and business processes
  • Selecting the right software for your business needs
  • Running complex IT projects
  • Short term IT implementations
  • Ongoing strategic advice for your business and IT systems
  • You need expertise in a specific process or IT system

As little or as much IT consulting as you need.

IT consultant can help as little or as much as you want.

Hiring a consultant puts you in charge of how much work you get them to do. Many consultants work for more than one client at a time and therefore you will be able to find a consultant who can meet your requirements.

Some consultants will only work on full time projects one after the other, while others work on many different projects at a time on a part time basis.

5 Benefits of using an IT consultant

  1. Free up your time to build your business
    • How much time have you spend trying to solve a specific IT problem by searching online or posting questions on groups or discussion boards? You could be using that time to build your business.
  2. Get access to more than just IT knowledge
    • Effective IT consultants bring with them knowledge of business practices that other businesses employ.
    • We bring best practice of many business models to the table when you hire us.
  3. Get results faster
    • The right consultant will be able to deliver a solution in a fraction of the time it would take for a non-expert to complete.
  4. Saving Money and Time
    • It may seem counter intuitive that hiring a consultant can save you money but when you factor in the points above you will see the benefits of business improvements sooner.
  5. Fresh eyes on your business
    • A consultant will bring a fresh set of eyes into your business.
    • They may be able to identify issues, or potential issues, that you may not have noticed.

What to look for when selecting an IT consultant?

Communication skills

Firstly we believe that clear communication skills are essential. There is no point in hiring someone with amazing technical skills if you have trouble understanding everything that they say. The IT industry is filled with too much jargon and beware the consultant that speaks only in jargon. You should be able to rely on your consultant to explain things in terms that you understand.

Technical skills

Next you need to find a consultant that specialises in the field that you need help with. You can find consultants that are experts in nearly anything these days. The only thing to keep in mind the more specialised the requirements the more likely the cost will increase.

Beware the consultant who claims they can do everything for you themselves. There’s a saying for this involving jacks, trades and masters…

Clarity on scope and pricing

IT consultant costs should be clear

You need to be sure that you are getting what you need from the consultant and how much you will be paying. Ensure that this is clear up front before any work commences.

Are you looking at hiring an IT consultant? We may be able to help.

Here at ITgeniq we don’t claim to be experts in all areas of IT. We specialise in bringing big business best practices and applying them to small and mid sized businesses. Our main expertise is getting your IT strategy in line with your business strategy. No matter how big or small your business this is a critical step before undertaking any IT work.

We also specialise in running IT transformation projects – implementing the changes identified as part of your IT strategy. The outcome of this is technology that will help you to grow your business successfully.

We will be the first to admit that we are not experts in all things IT. So we have a growing list of IT consultants that we can consult with on your behalf. By using ITgeniq you gain access to more than just our knowledge you gain access to our network of IT experts.

Let us know what you need help with today by filling in the form below:

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