Why ITgeniq can help with your small business IT

Hello! My name is Matt and I am the Founder and Chief IT problem solver here at ITgeniq. I just wanted to say a quick welcome and explain what ITgeniq is all about!

Why ITgeniq?

A few years ago I started my business Kuter Solutions to help small and mid sized businesses take advantage of the vast array of IT systems that will help them grow their business.

Over the past couple of years I have met with many small business owners that know they need help figuring out their businesses IT systems but the cost of an IT consultant is too much. It is pretty common when a business is in the startup phase for funds to be especially tight. It’s also a critical stage in establishing the business and the perfect time to get the right IT in place to give a business the best chance of succeeding.

This is why I’ve created ITgeniq. I want this platform to become the place small business owners can come to get the advice they need at a cost that is more accessible than the standard consulting approach.

Why is it important to get advice at all stages of business.

It’s not just businesses in the startup phase that need access to strategic IT advice.

There’s plenty of analogies we could use here the best one I can think of is a car mechanic. Most of us drive a car but don’t know how to maintain and fix it when something goes wrong.

We get our cars serviced regularly to make sure nothing is going wrong and to ensure that we get the most usable life out of our investment.

Our business IT systems are no different. Getting advice on the systems you use initially is a great first step. Most businesses rarely remain stagnant in their business model and the way they run their business, which is why it’s essential to get regular checkups from an IT expert to ensure the smooth operation of your business IT systems.

Do It Yourself IT help

Many Entrepreneurs love to DIY things, either as a way of saving costs or as a result of wanting to know how everything works. We hope to nurture this via our platform. We will assist you with guidance on how to DIY your own IT systems.

But you don’t have to go it alone… Our experts will also be on hand to give you advice if and when you get stuck.

Delivery of your IT systems

If DIY is not your thing then we have our own delivery team that can help implement your IT systems and changes.

Oh and no single company is an expert in everything and we are no exception. If you need IT work delivered that is outside our area of expertise then we have a network of IT partners that we can refer the work to.

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