Are You Storing Passwords for Your Small Business Systems Safely? Take These Easy Steps To Set Up Your Small Business Password Manager Today

Did you know that the average small business owner has over 80 different passwords that they need to use for all of their business systems. Let's explore why you should use need to use a password manager for your small business. Given that I struggle to even remember my own phone number some days there is no way that I can remember that many secure passwords. How about you? Think about all of the services you use: EmailCRMFinancialYour Laptop / ComputerMarketing SystemsOnline BankingSocial Media Accounts They add up pretty quickly, don't they. Are you using…


Do You Know When Your Website is Up?

In my previous article about High Availability I talked about uptime, which is basically a measure of how long your site is up.  So how do you know when your site is up or not? System Monitoring No one wants to hear from their customers to tell them that their website is down, do they?  So rather than waiting until you or someone else notices there is a problem, you should get a computer to do the job for you! System Monitoring  is how we do this.  Quite simply system monitoring software is an entire category…

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Part 3 – Setting up SSL and Installing WordPress on Zuver

This is part 3 in a series of detailed articles about setting up a brand new domain on Australian hosting provider Zuver.  See here for an overview of the whole series. If you've been following along at home then you have now registered your new domain and configured your email address.  Next we will set up your website for secure communications using SSL, which you can read more about in one of my previous posts. Zuver include as part of their hosting SSL certificates provided by Lets Encrypt. Step 1 Zuver make this nice and easy.  All you…


Part 1 – Registering a Domain and Purchasing Hosting with Zuver

This is part 1 in a series of  detailed articles about setting up a brand new domain on Australian hosting provider Zuver.  See here for an overview of the whole series. When registering a domain name you need to consider whether you want a .com, .com.au or other type of address. My recommendation is for an Australian business operation in Australia then you want to register the business name with a .com.au address. If you are setting up a domain for a business doing global work or for your own personal name brand (sometimes called…


Backups – a critical thing for all businesses

So the other week my wife was trying to get her new Apple Watch working with her iPhone and something just wasn't working right. Now as expected I am the IT support for the family and so I went to the first step of IT support - If it isn't working then turn it off and on and try it again.  She rebooted the watch and I rebooted the phone. The watch rebooted quickly but the phone did not. I was sitting there staring at the apple logo on the screen for quite a while before…

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