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We provide software solutions that help you to run your business more efficiently, saving you time and ensuring that you can grow successfully!

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You started your business to solve a problem.

Now your plate is full just trying to run your business.

Your business is taking off (yay you)!  You have staff, suppliers and customers to manage and the orders are flying in.

Now you realise that you are up to your neck in spreadsheets and bits of paper trying to keep track of everything.  From tracking sales orders and delivery through to actually running your business and dealing with regulations and tax.

Do your IT systems hold back your business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help

What people are saying...

I recently had an extensive Strategy Overview report completed on my business to see how and where I required help and generally areas where attention is required to keep up to date and data safe.

The report recommendations have been very helpful and I have already implemented what was urgent and looking at other areas suggested to increase revenue.

If you need to trust someone to step into your business and make positive changes then know you are in the most capable hands!


Magical Heart Awakening

They took time to research and deeply understand my business in terms of its offering, processes and needs; considered both long-term strategy and short-term implementation mapping out the right IT direction for me.

They sought out efficient, effective solutions that keep costs to a minimum and processes stream-lined.


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Why Us?

We care about small businesses and about the importance of small business success.

That’s why after many years working in big business we now dedicate ourselves to applying best practice from big business to give small businesses the tools to grow.

We have helped many small businesses improve efficiencies in their business through customised IT solutions.

Our Agreement To You

The "Square peg, Round hole" agreement

We don't get commissions for recommending products.

This means we are make recommendations that have your best interests in mind.

We may have a preferred solutions for your industry. But if it's not the right fit for you then we will ALWAYS recommend the best option.

The "Your time is valuable"

We know your time is valuable!

We will work within your time restrains to ensure that you can spend your time working on your business.

Delivery timeframes of your new systems depend on your feedback and direction.

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