Making the right IT decisions for your small business should be easy...

Use our online platform to get the advice you need to make the right IT decisions to grow your business


Did you know that most business owners are struggling to understand the IT systems that are critical for running their business?

ITgeniq provides strategic small business IT advice that is easy access and even easier to understand.

Take back your time so that you can concentrate on running your business, instead of struggling with IT decisions.

What type of IT Advice are we talking about?

The Software You Use

For new business and businesses that are growing you need to know that the systems you are using align with your business strategy.

Don’t make these decisions alone.

Strategy Decisions

Business strategy can have a huge impact on your IT systems and processes. 

Work with us to understand these impacts when implementing strategies.

Who You Partner With

Who you partner with for delivering your Business IT has a major impact on your business.

Ask us questions about your existing or prospective suppliers. We can also provide recommendations for specific IT services via our network.

Your IT Budget

Are you spending too much or maybe too little on your business IT?

We can guide you in getting the most return from your IT spend.

What Can IT Clarity Do For You?

time management

Save Time

Getting professional IT advice means you can make decisions quickly, rather than spending time researching and testing IT options.

Save Money

Knowing what IT systems you need and which you don't can help you to save money and reduce your IT budget.

Reduce Confusion

By understanding your IT systems better you will be less confused when it comes to making the right decisions. We can help you increase your technology IQ!

Get Clear Technology Advice For Your Small Business

How are you making your IT decisions today?

If you are still searching online

or maybe Asking Friends and Family

or you are using online forums….

Then you are probably seeing nothing but J̦̱͖͊͌̆͆ͅẠ̗͇R̥̣̬̣͕ͤ̍G̟͍̩̼̥̼̓ͅO̮͉̻͇̪̔͑̃̉͐N̝̝͉̓͊ and MISINFORMATION that isn’t specific to your business

The Solution

Our online platform helps you get access to strategic IT advice that is tailored to you and your small business.

Our mission is to make IT advice easy to access and even easier to understand.

We help take away the uncertainty when you are faced with these types of IT decisions in your business.  So that you can focus on  your business, instead of having to deal with the consequences of choosing the wrong IT.



Our system learns about you and your business over time. This means that the more we work together, the better we get to know your business and can provide more focused information.

We securely store this information for our experts to review when we are working for you. This saves you time from having to answer questions more than once.

Artifical Intelligence

We use a custom designed expert system to provide recommendations to our human IT strategy experts to review.

This allows us to provide the best advice based using this combination of human and artificial intelligence. This is one of the innovative ways that we are reducing the cost of providing great IT advice.

Available any time

Unlike face to face consultants who want to meet during business hours our platform is available 24/7, which means you can access it when it suits you.

Lying awake at 3am with a burning IT question? Log in and get it off your mind. Our experts will answer it and when the answer is provided you can review it at a time that suits you.

IT Scorecard Overview

Do you want to know how your current IT systems stack up? When you create your profile and tell us about your business and the systems you use we will create an overview and scorecard.

We will let you know what you are doing right and want needs your attention.


Once we have worked out what you need we can help with the delivery of your transformational IT projects. If we have the expertise our team can deliver.

If the project requires specialist help then we can run the project and use specialists from our referral network, which is growing all the time.

What people are saying...

I recently had an extensive Strategy Overview report completed on my business to see how and where I required help and generally areas where attention is required to keep up to date and data safe.

The report recommendations have been very helpful and I have already implemented what was urgent and looking at other areas suggested to increase revenue.

If you need to trust someone to step into your business and make positive changes then know you are in the most capable hands!



Magical Heart Awakening

They took time to research and deeply understand my business in terms of its offering, processes and needs; considered both long-term strategy and short-term implementation mapping out the right IT direction for me.

They sought out efficient, effective solutions that keep costs to a minimum and processes stream-lined.


F2F Communications

What does it cost?

IT Strategy and IT Answers



Need More Answers
Do you need to ask more than 3 free IT question?
You can get more answers simply pay as you go.
IT Strategy work
Full IT strategy review available priced based on business size



Limited Time Offer

IT Answers
As part of our launch special you can ask up to 3 questions for free
IT scorecard
Get a free IT overview and scorecard when you submit an IT system review request

Virtual CIO


Monthly subscription
Includes questions via platform.
Face to Face meetings (via video conference).
Regular reviews of IT systems and vendors.
Custom Pricing
Custom pricing based on how much or how little you need.

IT Project Delivery

Detailed Work

We do larger work on a quote basis.  The reason for this is that each business is different and the effort required is specific to your business. 

Some examples of the type of work that we would quote on are:

  • detailed analysis of system requirements and system recommendations
  • implementation of our strategic recommendations
  • custom software development
  • software installation and configuration
  • integration of your existing IT systems. 
  • detailed IT Strategy for your business

Project Delivery

One of our experienced project managers will run the project and handle all of the tricky stuff for you.

If the work is in an area that our team of experts can’t deliver on then we will use one of our delivery partners.

Our network of delivery partners covers most aspects of business IT and are geographically dispersed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the IT systems and IT Strategy for your business.

Some examples include:

  • Get a ​second opinion on quotes for IT work
  • High level recommendation of software based on your business category and high level requirements
  • Should you use cloud or on premises?

Note that we do not provide general IT desktop support and will not answer these types of questions.  

If you need Desktop support then we are happy to refer to one of our network partners that do provide desktop support.

The general guideline is that each question will be no more than 1 hour of work for our experts to answer.

If your question is more involved we will advise you and provide a quote to complete the work.

Once you have used your 3 free questions you can pay as you go to get more answers OR subscribe to our Virtual CIO service.

Not ready to tell us about your business yet?

That’s OK we understand.  We will still be here when you are ready.

While you are waiting check out some of the articles that we have written about small business IT challenges and other things.

Oh, and if you leave us your details here and we will send you a notification when we publish our next article.

4 simple steps to getting your small business IT Advice today

Tell us about your business

When you first create your account we ask you to provide information about your business and the IT systems you are currently using.

Ask your questions

Ask your questions via our online platform.

If we need more information we will ask you to complete it via the platform.

Get clarity about your business IT

Relax knowing that you are getting advice from experienced IT strategy experts that it tailored to your business and systems.

Reap the benefits

Once you know what needs to be done we will help you deliver it. 

Get more efficient IT systems, reduce IT costs and more!